Saturday, June 20, 2009

Automated Content Creator For Wordpress (WP)

Make money online were never been easy for anybody. But recently there some genius or maybe idiot who have been invented an automated content creation software. This incredible powerfull wp plugin software will combine five vital elements of an article become one pack of blog posting. With this auto pilot wordpress plugin you will have your blog full of blog post article consist of article, image, video, question and answers and you didnt have to do anything to get all of them.

This Wordpress automated content creator is a simple fast way to automate your WordPress blog so you can focus your time and effort on promoting and monetizing your blog. With dozens of features, this automated content creation is a revolutionaire autoblog software plugins and one of the most powerful plugin available for WordPress.This WP plugin will give you great and cool contents for you! All you need to do is hit your keywords niche, put in your affiliate links and Adsense code! After that just sit back and relax while watching money counting into your account.

Our latest internet surfer were very like to read anything consist of these 5 vital element : article , image , video , question and answer . And this wp content creator plugin has the magic ability to answer the need to combine all those five element into one automated blog post. Many other great features is :

* One picture could worth more than 1,000 words. The automatic content creation plugin has amazing power to insert pictures as an illustration to the article automatically.
* The automatic plugin will also insert videos related to your keyword niche.
* Teaser addition into your post such as question and answer will bring people opinion and exploded your comment number.
* Variative custom post templates.
* Automatic thumbnails creation for every images inserted into your blogpost.
* Full compatible with WordPress 2.7 and later.

Build your blog networking with automated articles blog, as an automated video blog or to create niche portals. WPMixer are a great way to quickly build keyword-dense content, earn money with your blog, and fully automate your blog posting.

Even more better, WPMixer automatic content creator is an excellent alternative ways to park your domain. Rather than showing a generic parked page with spammy-looking ads, you can provide real update content, get indexed in search engines very fast, build page rank quick enough, and generate huge traffic. Along with the money counting on your account, the great increased value of your domain will be an additional bonus.

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makasih udah mampir ke blog bisnis online nice info..wp mamang bagus, saya juga tulis di blog ini make money online

wah plugins nya bagus juga yaah...bisa buat unlimited domain mas? discount nya brapa ni?

waduh kirain gratis.. tau2nya bayar :(

Weh mantap banget mas pluginya. Ada yang gratis gak ya?

I thought that it was a free plugin :(

hohoh nice impo and salam kenal ya

mahal juga ja, danaku belum cukup. :(